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Happy sweetest day from the D

Happy sweetest day from the D

Happy sweetest day


Happy Sweetest day

Happy Sweetest day

Happy Sweetest day



Free Dirt Band

Music by the Free Dirt Band, animation by RRB

From the Musical Renaissance show hosted by Brandy Miller. Featuring Anton James.
Local video edited by Anton himself. “TIME”

Rick Beard-Fret cam in Madison Heights
Black Sabbath Tribute band

Finally revised this and took out a couple things I didn’t like.


Started this one night when I couldn’t sleep back in March….

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My little buddy.
Today I would like to commit my time and my thoughts to my little buddy. Eric James Riden. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in Hazel park, wanting a career and ready to take that next big step in life towards and exciting and challenging career.

My relationship with Eric is that he is my ex wife’s 2nd cousin. Although I’ve been divorced for almost 4 years now, he still remains family. I came in contact with Eric 17 years ago and quickly made a bond with the happy go lucky kid. He was 3 years old at the time and was probably one of the happiest kids I ever met.

Without saying to many things about Erics’ Father, who he now refers to as a sperm doner. His Dad was not in the picture. It used to make me angry, but now I’m so grateful and realize it was for the best.

My little buddy is now all grown up. He’s about 5’10, 5’11 and I still refer to him as my little buddy.

What sparked this story was that on Monday, April 11, 2011. My little buddy left for the Marines. I am sad and excited at the same time. I totally support his decision as far as career moves. I for one, being unemployed for over two years after working over 22 years in one field. Knows how hard it can be in Michigan.
I would like to share a little bit of some of the good times I had with Eric.

This is Eric’s kindergarten pic. 1996-5 years old.

Everyone has one embarrassing pic of themselves when they were little. Well, I just happen to own this one. LOL.

When he was around 5 and 6, that was the same time I was taking a black and white photography class at Oakland Community college.
He was the one I took the most pictures of. He went to work with me, Rosie’s park, Madison, woods, the park and a bunch of other places.

This is with one of our dogs, Chico.


Old MCR at TV20 and in the dish….


Climbing up the slide at Edison.


13 and Woodward.

With Mom and Brothers.

He used to really be into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles. He was saying Turtle Power when posing for this one.

Trying to look sad just didn’t work for this kid. LOL.

Walking Chico in Madison’s woods.

More at Edison. Note the giant smiley on his cask. It had an RRB right above it.

Our little trip to a car show when he was around 6.

I was able to get a few pics of Eric when he played high school soccer and then when he went to Rochester college and played for them.


We also went to the Dream Cruise a few years back.

I was fortunate enough to make it to his graduation.
I believe my daughter took this pic of me and him and the other one is him and his Grandma.

On April 7th, last Thursday. I took Eric and downtown to Pizza Papalis. It was nice spending time with him. We also went on the people mover for his first time and went to Belle Isle.



Was giong to walk around and take pics in front of landmarks. We settled for this one in front of a giant mural of the Renaissance Center.


Belle Isle.


The past Friday was his going away party.



Him and his Mom.

Cousins and brothers.


Well someone had to cry. Eric will be missed.

His brothers.

My last pic with Eric for at least 3 months.
Makes me think about how much someones life can change in 3 months. My next 3 months are destined to have dramatic change also. Eric has inspired me to kick it in to high gear.



Last pic of the night.


Every once in awhile someone comes into your life and makes it a little better. Eric is one of those people. I can no longer call him my little buddy anymore. Very proud of this US Marine. I’m sure he’s going to come back a lot smarter, tougher and wiser. A perfect symbol of what a Marine should be.
GOD bless him and may his travels be safe. I’m very grateful that he’s defending our country and
very grateful to be a part of his life.

On APRIL 2ND 2011 – Russell Industrial Center-Open house

I had the awesome opportunity to visit the Russell Industrial Center on April 2nd. I didn’t keep track of who each artist was, but can show you pics from a lot of different ones.
What was cool that after the first room I visited I ran into an old friend from TV56. I was nice to have someone to walk and talk with, plus it was nice to catch up since I haven’t seen him since the 2004 Detroit Music Awards.
Anyways, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a few hundred thousand worth. Everyone was very nice and welcomed us in. Some even had chocolate and non-alcoholic drinks. Here’s the exit coming from my way and yes. I do take pictures while driving.

Just in case your still having trouble finding the place. Here’s what it looks like from the outside. I included the address for those who can only drive with a GPS.

I liked this. Reminded me of I-Robot. I’m in…

Inside open

The first room…..

Ok, now to visit the man they call M80. I’ve seen his work before driving down Campbell road, He use to have a yard with a bunch of doll heads in it. What’s so cool about his art is that it’s all created out of junk or stuff he found.

This is the man. Need to contact him, check the second pic. Wish I would of shot more of his art.

Blood splatters and nice outside design.

Thought this was an interesting sign on a vending machine.

Mark Arminski studios

This guy explained what a Sambo was….

Amazing Photography

Ok, that’s my time, Hope you enjoyed my small tour.

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